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Pre-listing Home Inspections Have Many Advantages

There are many reasons why pre-listing house inspections are important, but we believe the following are the top five reasons to use our pre-listing home inspection service:

Save money– If a home inspector discovers unanticipated flaws in your home, you will have more time to address them on your own. This eliminates any possibility of the buyer negotiating a lower sale price.

Sell your home faster– When a home inspection has been conducted in order to guarantee that your home is in the best possible condition, the process of selling your property can be greatly accelerated.

Be empowered - In a buyer's market, completing a house inspection can assist you gain an advantage.

Remove deal-breakers– Finding mold, gas leaks, or foundation problems can be a deal-breaker. Allow yourself the opportunity to repair these items before your possible customer decides to walk away.

Goodwill gesture– This demonstrates to a buyer that you are going above and beyond to differentiate yourself from other sellers. It communicates to the buyer that your home is an open book, giving them peace of mind and confidence.