Contractor Referrals

We maintain a database of 950 Validated Contractors - Categorized by State & County in the 15 states we serve. [See Our  Coverage Area]

It is our preference that you find your own contractor.  We will be responsible for releasing funds post-closing and want to avoid the perception that we’re recommending specific contractors.  Therefore, please try to find a qualified contractor first.

Borrowers unable to secure a qualified contractor on their own can receive referrals upon delivery of a hold harmless agreement.  You are solely responsible for identifying, selecting, and managing your contractor.  The list contains only validated contractors who previous borrowers have confirmed they would refer to friends and family.  Please read the contractor selection pulldown below carefully.  Choose a great contractor and you’ll have a wonderful experience and get the house you expect in a reasonable time.  If you don’t issues are likely to arise.

When searching for a contractor, we recommend asking friends, family, neighbors, and local supply houses, perhaps Angi's, Houzz, and Home Advisor.  Please screen all prospective contractors very carefully.  Choosing the right contractor will help you complete your project on time, on budget, and to the quality you expect.

Contractor screening recommendations

For all prospective contractors we strongly recommend verifying the following

  • Understand program parameters

    please make sure they understand the specific program information sections below.

  • Timely submit requested paperwork

    the lender validation paperwork is not extensive, but it’s required.  If a prospective contractor has difficulty completing this, you might select a different contractor. 

  • Will Supply Complete Bids

    Lenders require complete bids broken down by labor and materials for all required and your desired items.

  • Have Working Capital

    Quality contractors have enough working capital for labor and materials to reach the first draw. 

  • Have Long Standing Vendor & Subcontractor Relationships

    Quality contractors have long-standing credit relationships with masonry, lumber, plumbing, and electrical supply houses and licensed plumbers, electricians, masons, framers, and finishers.

  • Have a Strong History of Completing On Time and On Budget to the Quality You Expect

    We strongly recommend that you secure at least 3 references for recently completed projects of similar scope and visit them to make verify that they were completed timely, for the price negotiated upfront and that the quality meets your expectations.